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Pure Maple Syrup
Early spring is a time  of year our family always looks forward to. Tapping the trees, hanging the buckets, gathering and boiling, all part of the wonderful  world of making

Pure Maple Syrup

maple syrup We do not sell our syrup, we make only enough for our own use and a little more to give to friends. All family members join in both the making and the eating,  three generations enjoying together one of the truly pleasurable things about living in

New England

       Late February to early March the run usually starts. The trees send the sap up and down their trunks daily, weather permitting.

Temperature is everything, the days must go into the low 50's and the nights need to be below freezing.

     Early run sap is the sweetest, it takes 30 to 35 gallons of sap to make one gallon of Pure Maple Syrup . Late run sap can take up to 50 gallons.

   We use a wood fired 2'x6' G.H. Grimm sugar stove. It can produce up to one gallon of syrup per hour.

The wood scraps that are left over from the family furniture business are used topfire the stove.

On a cold morning the steam fills the sugar house with a sweet Maple Flavored scent that adds a lot to the enjoyment of boiling.

    The days of gathering with a team are long gone. {Dick & Dan above} We use a pick up truck now, not nearly as traditional, but quite efficient just the same.

   This photo shows the sugar house before it gets filled with steam. We had just lit the stove and for the first few minutes the room is clear enough to see the ceiling but that won't last for very long. the holding tank is to the left of the stove. Sincerely, The Delnero Family

The Delnero family also makes heirloom quality maple furniture from rare birdseye maple, curly maple, and tiger maple hardwoods.

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