Old Farm Tractors


1938 John Deere B w/ Snow Blade

1930 Ford Model A made into
a cut down tractor.
  I guess our memories are better at remembering the good times than they are at recalling the less pleasant ones, but looking back on these old tractors it sure seems they were a pleasure to own and operate. Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures back then, but they are very vividly etched in my memory. I had two John Deere A s one B and three Farmall F 12 s all hand crank, and two off them were on steel wheels. those tractors would start with one spin on the crank, I can still hear the click of that old Wico magneto as the engine spun over. I had a couple of Farmall H s and a Case VAC, they also were tractors you just could not kill. We still own a 1948 John Deere A, it belongs to my son Mike, and he uses it too. The other tractor on the farm now is a John Deere 2520, with a model 48 loader on it, another indestructable piece of equipment. All of these tractors were twenty or more years old when I bought them and God alone knows how much work they had already done, yet they were as good as the day I bought them when I sold them, you just couldn't wear out that "Old Iron".

1954 Caterpillar D-4 a real work horse.

Speaking of real workhorses, we
have tried that too. {Dick & Dan}
  As far back as I can remember, I loved farm tractors. I recall going over to a friends house after school as a thirteen year old just hoping to get a chance to run their tractor plowing the corn field. My friend, John looked at spending the rest of the afternoon plowing as work, I thought it a pleasure, he thought I was crazy. They had an old "Fordson" with steel wheels and a hand crank start.
Pulling a tag along  double bottom plow and just listening to that engine work, well life couldn't get much better than that.
    Perhaps if I had grown up on a farm and had to do it, the joy would have been gone, but I really doubt that. I enjoyed tractors then and I have all my life. I have only been a "gentleman farmer", growing only for our own families consumption, never on a large enough scale to make any money at it, but even at that I have spent many, many a happy hour on various machines. The following pages are about some of them, and the pleasure they have given me.
Some Nice Oldies

1938 John Deere B

1937 Farmall F 20.

1939 Case VS

Massey Harris 81

Bob's Tractor
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International Harvester Farmall, Caterpillar, Ford, Case tractors and Massey Harris. John Deere Hohnny Popper and Fordson with plow and snow blades.