Old Tractor Photos

Bob's Toys
1954 Caterpillar D4
  O f all the tractors, trucks and various other pieces of equipment I have owned over the years, nothing gave me more pleasure than this old D4 Cat. I bought it in 1979 and used it to clear about 35 acres of land, and build about 5 miles of woods roads over a 6 year period of time .
  It had the "pony motor" starting system and in cold weather was a bit of a bear to fire up. No angle blade no fancy anything, but it would work like a mule, the mountain sides I cleared with this machine and the work it did was something to see. I always felt like a kid playing in the sandbox operating it, there is no way I could call it work.

This White (actually red)
Dump truck was a real hauler

Various Oldies at "Work"
Including a rare International G-11

Case 1294

The old Cat at "Work"
This Case 580k was another Fun Machine

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tractor farm bluegrass music equipment tractors farming tractor farm music equipment tractors Over these past 60 years I have owned John Deere Case VAC & 580 k with AC dump trucks dozers ATV's Motorcycles dirt bikes boats. I also play Bluegrass music up here in the hillbilly appalachain mountains