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Our old 1956 Dodge Pickup

Case 1024

A Mule

Pushing snow

Poppy in a parade

  when it comes to a photograph album it's pretty hard to figure out which ones you don't want to have here, they all have merit. Some of the pictures have little to do with tractors but a lot to do with happy memories of days gone by.

1936 Chevrolet and 1937 Buick photographed in 1987

Mike, 14 John, 12 Jim, 10

My 3 sons in 1976

This is me with one of my favorite things, a Bill Monroe edition Gibson F5 Mandolin

This is a shot of my work horse "Beauty" and the name fit her. She was mostly Clydesdale. She was a ride and drive and had the best disposition of any horse I ever owned, kept her for about ten years, that's my Dad with me

The pony's name was Jane, I don't remember the name of the other, we use to switch quite often. That's Mike with Jim and John is on Jane. Jane was not really a pony, just a small horse and she like Beauty was a good animal, we had her many years also

My Father In-law "Gramps" Gerrish. We miss him terribly.

Jim Joanne John Mike

In the Coast Guard (except Joanne) 1988

Joanne & Gramps

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