The Next Generation of the Delneros

The Next Generation

   Who will be driving the tractors tomorrow , who will be maintaining the roads, and plowing the snow, the grand kids, that's who. So it is in our own best interest to cultivate a love of these machines in them also. Our grand kids have been driving these small tractors our son Mike made them and the golf carts, and my Mule since they were quite small. The kids enjoy motorized things almost as much as their Grandpa does, things like boats, ATC's, most anything with a motor on it. Here are some of the things they are enjoying now and some we enjoyed as our boys were growing up. When it comes to photographs it's pretty hard to figure out which ones you don't want to have here, they all have merit. Some of the pictures have little to do with tractors but a lot to do with happy memories.

Of cource we Home School the Grand Children. For our Home Schooling page, Click Here

Gramps Gerrish, about the only man I ever knew whose
love of tractors equaled my own, we all miss him greatly.

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Homeschooling at home on the farm. the next genreation will drive the tractors and clear the snow like grandpa did. We homeschool the grandchildren.