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Is this Country or what?
The Delneros on Stage

  After a long day's "work", we need to have some fun. The entire Delnero family including the grandchildren like to play music so much and so often that we have a completely equipped "Music Barn" constructed and dedicated to playing music with our friends.
  We get together on a regular basis two or three times a week. On Wednesdays we play Irish Folk music with local Irish musician friends and pure Country Bluegrass with other friends on Fridays along with an occasional weekend sessions and parties. We also play at local events and give music lessons. The happy memories and the pleasure I get from playing music with the family and friends is beyond measure.
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the delneros
Our Musical Group
Barney McElhone
Barney McElhone, Irish Musician
and Stained Glass Artisan
hotrods and instruments
Old Timey Transportation
These photos are from the earlier years when we were the The Agawam Family Band. There is some real Front Porch Pickin' depicted here. The large groups of barefoot youngfolks were taking lessons at the big old house.
agawam pine band front porch pickin'
Genuine Front Porch Pickin'

This Gang is getting music lessons
Clogging Anyone?
fornt porch picking More Front Porch Picking
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