Robert J. Delnero

In Loving Memoriam

Robert J. “Poppy” Delnero

September 2, 1936 to April 14, 1999

The Delnero Family Furniture Company wishes to extend their gratitude to those who have expressed sympathy on behalf of the loss of their loving father, Robert J. Delnero. He died of angiosarcoma, a rare and hard to detect form of cancer. Medically, his life was not easy and yet he seldom complained. It has been a comfort to hear of all the different ways he touched so many lives.

As many of you know, Robert Delnero, with the help of his wife, Joanne, and her father, Floyd Gerrish started what was called Agawam Pine Furniture in 1963. What began as an endeavor to furnish their own home with quality furniture expanded as friends and neighbors “placed their orders.” Bob showed a very high quality work ethic working on the principle that “the same care should be taken to make a customer’s piece of furniture as if you were making it for yourself.” We just love hearing about customers who still have some of that early furniture. In 1976 what was going to become the Route 57 extension took the Agawam Furniture property and their home, forcing a move to Southampton.

Early American pine furniture
pieces in the Agawam location.

Bob Delnero and Floyd "Gramps"
Gerrish at work in Agawam.

It was at this point that Dad changed the name to Delnero Pine Furniture. The new home with 21 rooms also became a transition place to incorporate hardwood and Shaker styling. When Dad lost a leg due to a popliteal aneurism in 1983, Michael and John began the process of taking over the business. Dad couldn’t stay away from the business entirely, as he was a great advisor.

The 21 room Swasey House. The home of
Delnero Furniture in Southampton Mass.

In 1989, with the birth of his first grandchild, he became known as Poppy. Poppy became a devoted grandfather, showering all of his grandchildren with his love and attention. Delnero Furniture moved up the hill at the foot of Poppy and Nonny’s new retirement home. When he wasn’t with the grandkids he was spending time fishing or playing music. Dad enjoyed watching the business succeed and the families blossom. Always looking to the future, he was the driving force behind the furniture website and internet.

Poppy got a lot out of life, and contributed so much in return. We will always be grateful for the business he established and the life he created for us. In the Spring of 2000, we anticipate new growth as The Showroom is scheduled to expand to include more styles of furniture.

Bob letting John take a turn at the
tiller of our power sailboat.

Bob and Joanne enjoying a cup of
coffee while sailing.

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